Erling started scuba diving in 1976 and began underwater photography a couple years later.

More than 5000 dives and ten times as many photographs later, few scuba divers or marine biologists in Norway lack knowledge of Erlings work. He comes from Egersund, and is one of Norway’s leading underwater photographer. His archive has more than 70,000 images of plants and marine animals.  

Erling now engages in scientific projects in Norway, working with scientist and specialist in marine fauna. His main interest is underwater pictures and marine biology, combined with the interest of documenting and enlightening the marine life. During the last decade he has discovered several new species for Norway, and some new species for science, and one he discovered was given his name – Penicillus svenseni.

In the future he will use most of his energy fighting for the sea and against pollution and robbery of the resourses.